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Sunday, May 22, 2011
  Higher Ed. Pedagogy: William G. Perry Jr.
William G. Perry, Jr. (1913 – January 12, 1998) [1] was a well-known educational psychologist whose work focused on the development of people during their college years. His work was very influential in the field of student development. He was a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and founder and longtime director of the Bureau of Study Counsel. He was born in Paris.
At Harvard University, he developed his theory of the intellectual and cognitive development of college-age students through a 15-year study during the 1950s and 1960s. He published his work in 1970 as Forms of Intellectual and Ethical Development in the College Years.
Summary of Perry's Research:
Summary of stage
Basic ExampleS
The authorities know
e.g. "the tutor knows what is right and wrong"
The true authorities are right, the others are frauds
e.g "my tutor doesn't know what is right and wrong but others do"
There are some uncertainties and the authorities are working on them to find the truth
e.g "my tutors don't know, but somebody out there is trying to find out"
(a)Everyone has right to their own opinion(b) The authorities don't want the right answers. They want us to think in certain way
e.g "different tutors think different things"e.g "there is an answer that the tutors want and we have to find it"
Everything is relative but not equally valid
e.g "there are no right and wrong answers, it depends on the situation, but some answers might be better than others"
You have to make your own decisions
e.g "what is important is not what the tutor thinks but what I think"
First commitment
e.g "for this particular topic I think that...."
Several Commitments
e.g "for these topics I think that...."
Believe own values, respect others, be ready to learn
e.g "I know what I believe in and what I think is valid, others may think differently and I'm prepared to reconsider my views"

(Source: Wikipedia)
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