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Tuesday, May 04, 2010
  Technology Has Been Driving the Evolution of Learning
Warning: this link is 'loaded' with tons of pop-ups. The 'gist' of it is below.

Innovation in education is evolving with technology. New ways of preparing students for modern society are being explored. Conventional lectures and dry textbooks are giving way to interactive digital content.
The options for electronic learning are increasing rapidly. From e-books to online video lectures, learning is becoming more fun and practical for everyone.

Of course right now much of the online learning content is a digital replication of conventional approaches, but even just that is quite valuable. In digital format books and lectures are much more portable and conveniently accessible, and arguably by more people.

Today there is more of a shift toward an educational "pull" from students, not just push by educators. The learning content can be more driven by the person learning; it's no longer just a curricula and a textbook.
Today's generation tends to think in more "weblike" or tangentially connected ways. Universities have slowly recognized this and created more Web-oriented curricula and content where technology is leveraged to increase student engagement and understanding
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